How do our cutting-edge AI tools serve you?

Yesterday I wrote about the AI powered tools we’ve created to help us scour for as many articles posted about Japan as we can possibly find — every day.

Then someone asked “So what? Why does that matter to me?”

Can you imagine the kick in the nuts that was? I mean… I literally just talked about some insanely impressive, state-of-the-art, AI tools… to be met with “so what?”


But I get it. They make a good point, and that’s why I want to cover the why here in this post.

So whatWhy AI powered tools?

In short, to help us help you.

Here’s how.

Tokyo Spark Magazine is a weekly curated issue packed with new dining experiences, beautiful sights, interesting culture, and fun weekend events — among other things.

One might think there’s nothing remarkable about Tokyo Spark Magazine since the articles inside the issues of Tokyo Spark Magazine aren’t written by us.

But hear me out. I promise it is remarkable. Let’s start with a typical scenario.

Let’s say you’re new to Japan. You just landed at Narita International Airport and finagled a ride to your hotel downtown (nice work BTW, that can be a challenge).

You’re going to be in Japan a couple months with the international branch of your company. So you want to get out and see what Tokyo has to offer right?

Okay…Where do you begin?

Let’s think… what do you know about Japan? Sushi? Sake? Ramen? Konnichiwa? Sayonara?

That’s a start so you Google for “sushi” and find some great places to try some conveyor belt sushi. Excellent!

Now what? Maybe you learned that sashimi is like sushi without the rice. So you Google that… enjoy a perfect sashimi place. Then what?

Sooner or later Googling for everything, while helpful, will start to leave you with a nagging sense you’re missing out on things that might fascinate you about Japan. Things you wouldn’t know to search for.

And even when you do know what you’re looking for, how do you know it’s a quality find? Maybe there’s something better? Or more interesting.

That’s where we come in. Remember it’s a curated magazine. Curated means we’re doing the hard work of researching for new things every single day.

But I think you know the problem, don’t you? Every day there are hundreds of new articles published about Japan and not all of them are worth reading.

You want the helpful articles. That’s what we deliver. Our AI powered tools mean we can scour hundreds of articles every day and not miss much (hopefully).

What about theAI aspect of these tools?

The AI aspect of the tools means they’re using natural language processing and a few other tricks to determine the quality of the articles. As if the computer is literally reading every article.

But we don’t rely only on the tools. The tools are just that, tools. They do the grunt work of filtering through LOTS of articles and putting the good ones into a queue.

This queue we personally look through and handpick the best — based on 21+ years of experience in Tokyo.

The benefit to you is that you no longer have to do all sorts of research to discover new things to see and do in Tokyo.

We do it for you.

You just enjoy your time in this beautiful country.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it? We do the hard stuff, you do the fun stuff. 🙂