We built AI powered tools

When you dive into something that you know will entail not only a lot of work but a MEGA TON of work, wouldn’t you want to make it as easy on yourself as possible?

I think so.

Every single day there are hundreds upon hundreds of new articles published about Japan. While there are a lot of great articles, there are far more not so great articles.

Can you imagine sorting through hundreds of articles by hand, every day?

I don’t want to do that, I imagine you wouldn’t either.

But at the same time, we don’t want to miss something remarkable. That means we need to dig through them all. Even leaving one stone unturned might mean we miss that amazing article with some fantastic new information to help us enjoy Tokyo.

So what we did was develop some amazing tools. And when I say amazing, this will blow your mind.

We builtAI powered tools.

We used concepts from the AI world. Natural language processing to be more exact. We combined that with some whitelisting/blacklisting, keyword algorithms. Threw is some weighting, mute filters, and what we ended up with is crazy.

Our “bot” scours the internet for anything it can find about Japan/Tokyo. Then it literally reads the articles it finds and using our rules, it determines if the article is worthwhile.

And then weHuman perfected it.

All the worthwhile articles get put into a queue. The hundreds of articles turn into more like 30-40 a day that we then review ourselves. We use our 21+ years of experience in Tokyo to hand-pick the remarkable dining, sights, culture, and events that will help you enjoy your time here.

That’s why we call Tokyo Spark “AI powered; human perfected.

PS. Someone asked me “So what? How do these tools help me?So I had to answer that here.