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We publish this fantastic digital magazine called Tokyo Spark every week. It gives our readers super powers.


We tackle the hard work of researching new things to see and do in Tokyo. Leaving no stone unturned. And then we hand-pick the best for our readers.

Would you like super powers too? You’re in luck; we’ve got a really sweet deal for you!

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Tokyo Spark is NOT just another magazine.

We meticulously craft every issue with the pure focus of making sure you’ll find something new to enjoy in Japan every week – whether you’ve been here for years, or haven’t even arrived yet.

Tokyo Spark is gorgeous. And comes with essential features to make you feel amazing. Artificial Intelligence combined with 21+ years of experience in Tokyo to hand-pick the remarkable from the average.

Tokyo Spark is so delightful and intelligent — you’ll feel like you have x-ray vision into the best Tokyo has to offer.

Subtle & MinimalVisually Gorgeous; Mobile-Friendly.

We set out to design a digital magazine that was not only beautiful but was subtle, minimal, and mobile-friendly — free of distracting ads and sponsorships.

We pour over every pixel. Everything from icons to the perfect typography has been relentlessly refined.

A.I. Powered; Human PerfectedCut Through the Noise.

We harness the power of artificial intelligence to scour for countless number of articles written about Japan every single day.

Our cutting edge algorithms separate the remarkable from the poor, ad-spam, drudges. Then we use our 21+ years of experience in Tokyo to filter the best from the already remarkable content.

Quick; Precise.Powerful Search Across Every Issue.

We don’t expect you to remember what issue every bit of content is published in. So we built an incredible search tool so you can quickly pinpoint precisely what you want.

Plus you can bookmark your favorite issues so you can come back to them quickly, plan amazing trips, and Tokyo.

Sit back. Relax.Focus on What Matters.

You want to enjoy Tokyo not spend your time researching things to enjoy in Tokyo.

Let us do that for you.

Tokyo Spark lets you sit back and wait for new things to see and do to come to you — every Wednesday at 11:30 am JST sharp.

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An enormous amount of helpful hints to help you during your adventures. Tokyo Spark will definitely make your time living in Japan much more enjoyable!” –Megan R.

Tokyo Spark finds stuff I didn’t know would fascinate me. This is an absolutely indispensable magazine.” –Steve B.

Tokyo Spark’s curation is focused and helpful — I always learn about something new to see or do in Tokyo.” –Michael C.