Finally. A service built to actually help you enjoy Tokyo & Japan.

One that actually understands your difficulties in this country and empowers you to overcome them.

One focused on always researching for new things to see, do, and enjoy in the Tokyo area — while also tearing down that irritating language barrier.

Welcome to Tokyo Spark

Japan has so many interesting things to fuel an awesome experience, we are the spark to make it happen. With over 20 years of experience in the Tokyo area — all from the unique outsider’s perspective, we’re ready to give you exactly what you need to maximize your time in this amazing country.

Tolls, traffic, parking, trains, cultural taboos, the gnarly language barrier, and that nagging feeling you might be missing out on something fascinating… we get it. There’s a lot to overcome

…but this just might be your only time in Japan. Let’s make the most of it.

Okay, this is insane. Massive experience and a pure focus on helping me enjoy Japan? Perfection!” –Jon

I wish this existed years ago when I first arrived in Japan. Wow!” –Chris

Showing me awesome places to go AND the language needed when I get there. Why hasn’t this been done before?” –Noah

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Yes, I want to enjoy Japan

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What you get from Tokyo Spark:

In-depth cultural guides

We dig into Japanese culture and give you the results so you can learn without doing the research yourself.

Situational language guides

Keywords and phrases useful in the situations you’ll find yourself in — with tap to play pronunciation!

Hand-picked, human-curated content

Wide-reaching research to unearth fascinating tidbits about Japan and Japanese culture.

Member-only courses

Our best advice rolled up into simple step-by-step lessons to break things down for you.

Member’s Q&A

Anonymously ask questions about Japanese culture, places, etc… and read answers to others questions.

Bookmark anything

Bookmark anything so you can quickly return to it later when you need it.

Member’s only store discount

As an active member you’ll get a massive 30% off everything in the Tokyo Spark store. Our premium courses, artwork, and anything else we sell.

Save more than the cost of membership!

Plus exclusiveDeals with our partners.

We’ve partnered with DIG Tokyo Tours and Megan Rivera Photography to get you great deals on amazing hand-crafted local tours in Western downtown Tokyo — and pro photo services to capture every moment in perfect clarity.

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Frequently asked questions:

So what exactly is Tokyo Spark?

Great question. A few years ago we started scouring the web for enjoyable things in Japan. Even after many, many years here, we to want to find awesome new things to see and do in Japan — just like you.

So we decided to create Tokyo Spark and share the research we’re doing with you.

We are a membership service. You subscribe to unlock exclusive access to our hand-picked places, language guides, cultural references, proprietary courses, curated articles, and Q&A.

We scour the web using our experience of Japan, the culture, and local friends. We use custom built tools to widen our search and find things that are often overlooked.

We also realized people like to get their questions answered. Sure, social media could work. But far too often the answers weren’t thorough or didn’t come at all.

And the great answers would flow off the bottom of the page into the void — never to be seen again.

So we’ve created a place where members can ask questions that we’ll answer and anonymously share so everyone can learn from all the questions we answer.

What do you mean “focus on enjoying Japan?”

We’ve decided that we want to concentrate our energy on helping you discover the fascinating things Japan has to offer.

Rather than answering questions such as “where can I find childcare in my neighborhood?” we want to help with “where’s a unique izakaya in Nakano?”

We strive to release content with the sole goal of helping you enjoy Japan. That means pointing out interesting places and showing off unique culture. And also teaching enough Japanese to enjoy them when you get there.

Learn enough Japanese?

Yup. Mastering Japanese can take a very, very long time. But you don’t need to be a ninja grand master of the language to max out your enjoyment of Japan.

There is a subset of Japanese that is much faster to learn. Just like the Pareto principle, 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort.

We teach that 20%, in our own unique way.

We also like to think of this as “Situational Japanese.” We give you useful keywords and phrases for particular situations; such as dining at a yakiniku restaurant or choosing the perfect ramen.

We teach enough to enjoy Japan without forcing you to struggle with mastering every aspect of the Japanese language or rely on slow translation apps that often make big mistakes.

Wait, Tokyo Spark is not my one-stop shop for everything Tokyo/Japan related?

Nope. We’re not attempting to create all possible content about Tokyo and put it all in one place.

This is a nuance we believe is significant.

You can think of us as a research team. We seek interesting things to see and do in Tokyo, organize it, and then share it with you.

We don’t spend any time on things like news, politics, Fukushima, North Korea, or trying to work in Japan as a foreigner.

Is this only focused on Tokyo?

Kind of. The places we hand-pick are in the Tokyo area. This means Tokyo proper, and the surrounding prefectures — when you want to escape the big city for a bit.

But we also provide a ton of information about Japanese culture, traditions, and language. So we like to say we’re the spark to ignite your enjoyment of Tokyo and Japan. 🙂

Can’t I just search for the same stuff you do?

You could find some of the same things we share, but chances are we’ll find things you won’t.

And we’re not trying to compete with your top-notch Google skills. Instead, we concentrate on consistently scouring for things you didn’t know would fascinate you — so you can sit back, relax, discover things, and enjoy Japan.

What strict criteria do you have?

We have gathered hundreds of sources who post content about Japan. We see almost 300 new articles every single day.

Unfortunately, most aren’t noteworthy.

So we’ve built tools to filter out low-quality, uninteresting, content automatically.

At this point, the 300 posts day becomes roughly 75. From these, we hand-pick the most interesting articles that will help you form great memories in Japan.

I’ve been in Japan for years, will Tokyo Spark still help me?

Absolutely! We guarantee there is info we’ll share that you have never read before. If you don’t want to spend time researching, then Tokyo Spark is perfect for you.

Also if you’re still learning Japanese, our “learn enough Japanese” method could be a great fit for you.

Is there any reason to join Tokyo Spark even if I’m not in Japan?

Definitely! It depends on how interested you are in Japan. We curate some amazing content from hundreds of sources. If you want to access this fully searchable database of curated content about Japan, then Tokyo Spark is perfect for you!

Plus if you want to learn the Japanese language, joining Tokyo Spark will get you access to our situational language guides and 30% off all of our proprietary courses designed to teach you “enough” Japanese.

Is the content available immediately, or is it time-released (drip fed)?

You get immediate access to everything inside Tokyo Spark member’s area straight away. There’s no waiting around for content to be released to you, just hop on in and start discovering new things.

Note: the store items are separate from the member’s area, but members get a massive 30% discount on all items in the store

Will you be adding new content, or is everything there already?

We add new content all the time! There’s no set schedule, but you can see all the latest right from your dashboard once you log in.

There will always be a mix of quick content like new InfoBytes, and long term content like language guides, courses, etc…

How often do you add new content?

We aim to add at least one new item, per central topic, per week. Typically we add considerably more than that.

We are constantly on the hunt for excellent articles and share them as we find them. No deadlines let us be sure that we aren’t recommending something just to hit a schedule…

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

We’d love it if you’d stay, but completely understand that you might want to leave.

The cool part is you can cancel your membership and then renew later when you want to access again. Your account will always be here when you need it.

Can I access the content released on Tokyo Spark during my membership once I cancel?

No. Your membership grants you access to the content within Tokyo Spark. If you cancel or do not renew your membership, you will no longer be able to access the content inside.

Why a membership fee? Why not free?

We want to focus on you. To bring value to you and help you enjoy Japan.

We don’t want to be beholden to advertisers. You don’t want to see advertising splattered throughout the site, we don’t either.

And some advertisers try to hijack content too. Sponsors want things their way, or they won’t pay. We don’t like the idea of sponsors forcing us to post things we don’t necessarily want to.

So to keep the service fantastic, high-quality, and ad-free we charge a small monthly fee for access. We use it to pay the bills to keep the service running with enough leftover to pay taxes like good law-abiding citizens.

If there is anything at all that you’re not clear about; any concerns or questions, then please contact us at, and we’ll help you out.

So glad to see you are doing your research. Ready to join? Click here.

I think this is great. Really helps me get out and explore Japan more confidently – and experience things I may not have otherwise!” –Kelley

The guides are simple to use and make trying new things here in Japan a lot less stressful. Knowing I have this resource at my finger tips helps me feel more comfortable getting out there and exploring.” –Susan

Join now toBecome a charter member!

In celebration of our launch, we’re offering early adopters a special charter membership.

Join now and lock in our lowest price — just $9/mo — AND take 30% off anything in the Tokyo Spark store (for as long as you’re a member).

Yes, I want to enjoy Japan